8.8 Musiques et rythmes du Brésil
Le métissage contribue à l'évolution culturelle d'un pays ?

Samba, bossa nova, cumbia
How To Play Bossa Nova Guitar | Chords, Tabs And Rhythm
This guitar lesson is an introduction to how to play bossa nova on guitar.
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Transcriptions de bossa nova
Tablatures de bossa et samba, choro, rythmes brésiliens, diagrammes des accords, traductions
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Bossa Nova Guitar Chords, Lessons, Songs, Tabs, Video Instructions
Bossa Nova Guitar contains free online resources for learning to play bossa nova songs including chords, guitar tabs, lessons and video instructions. Bossa Nova Chords are showed in transcriptions of most popular bossa nova songs with lyrics and interactive tabs with pop-up chord diagrams. Bossa Nova Lessons describe brazilian rhythms, samba & bossa nova rhythmic patterns, syncopation, musical articulation, guitar techniques and more. Bossa Nova Video Instructions demonstrate playing of popular bossa nova songs with correct rhythmic phrases, guitar chords and musical articulation.
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