9.6 Les musiques de Russie

Song about a captain (Песенка о капитане) - I. Dunaevsky (И. О. Дунаевский) | Soundslice
Now here's a feel-good, happy-go-lucky song. Always raises one's spirits. Eighty years old now, very popular with Russians of all ages ever since. Little kids love it, adults love it, grandparents love it. Dunaevsky senior at his best, to lyrics by the great Lebedev-Kumach. Transposed and arranged for two violins. Beautiful practice piece for beginners, a great mix of everything you need: a scale, an arpeggio, some repeated notes, and a cheeky run to round it all up and go out with a bang. Really fun to learn and play. The entire song can be practiced in strict time at M.M. 80, but usually the couplet is performed rather slowly, with a lot of rubato, and the refrain is much faster. I am including an exquisite performance by Muslim Magomaev that takes it to the extreme, but you don't need to go quite that far.
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